Designate a line, a perimeter. Show where there are hidden and / or underground objects on a grass field or on clay surfaces.

  • Grassed or stabilized sports grounds: football, rugby, athletics ...
  • Campsites and parkings, integrated sprinklers, gas tanks ...
  • Underground electric girdles ...
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Most frequent Uses


Delimiting play areas


Integrated into the garden


Of underground elements


Delimiting Placements


Marking of places


Planting the PLiFiX® grass marker

  • Insert the safety cap into the driving tool.
  • Manually insert the PLiFiX® marker about 2 cm into the ground.
  • Squeeze the fibers and slide them into the driving tool.
  • Using an iron mallet, strike the safety cap until the « STOP » line on the driving tool has been reached. Remove the driving tool. This will ensure 3 to 4 cm of fibers above the ground level.
  • Pour sand between the fibers to fill the empty space. The sand will reinforce the PLiFiX® markers' resistance and make it more visible.
  • Gently hit the fibers with the head of the iron mallet to give it a better aspect.
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