Show the location of underground tanks With PLiFiX® markers

For reasons of safety and aesthetics, gas tanks are buried. These YELLOW PLiFiX® show exactly where the tank is located.

Show the location of underground water and electrical cables with PLiFiX® markers

Easily find your buried electrical cables and water with PLiFiX® markers!

Show the location of sprinklers with PLiFiX® markers.

Next to the PLiFiX® marker is a sprinkler. It is immediately identified and will no longer be damaged during maintenance such as aeration and de-compaction, etc.

Mark an area in camping locations with PLiFiX® markers.

They show precise camping spots. Helps to eliminate conflicts between neighbors.

Show parking spaces with PLiFiX® markers

PLiFiX® markers rapidly show visible spaces.

Create shapes and patterns of your choice with PLiFiX® markers.

From a poetic angle: the PLiFiX® marker is a flower that never fades. Let your imagination run wild in creating shapes for your garden for example.