The PliPack® dose in a pouch:

The original "Blanc a Tracer" (in French, means White to Mark out), paint concentrate comes in a dose-pouch

  • 1 dose-pouch PliPack® - line marking of one training soccer field
  • 2 dose-pouch PliPack® - line marking of one honor or main soccer field

The Blanc à Tracer® paint is the most concentrated line marking paint on the market. One dose-pouch PliPack® mixed with 5 liters water =6 liters line marking paint!

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The line marking machine for grass sports fields such as soccer, rugby. It is innovative, simple and practical to use.

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Cord and Reel:

A necessary tool for all grounds personnel. The cord and reel makes field marking a snap!

  • Robust cable wheel
  • Woven buttonholes of 175 m for a rapid installation without knots.
  • Comes with a stencil of 22 cm.
  • 8 Pegs.
  • 1 Gyroscopic cable of 9 m 15 for marking out of the center circle useable with all line marking machines.

Elasticity and tension of the cord allows for a perfect, straight and optimal line. Its white color makes it more visible before line marking, and less messy.