Jeremy, Groundsman
I use yellow PLIFIX® for my fields. When the paint fades, the yellow ones stand out! In any case, the lines are painted with white paint and cover the PLiFiX® markers.

A construction company in the Toulouse area
How many electrical cables and water lines are damaged each year when work is done? In France, there are more than 6000 accidents per year. With RED and BLUE PLiFiX®, we see where not to dig with excavators…

Patrick, a Grounds man
I take care of one field in my town but we have two types of games on this field: rugby and soccer. I have used white PLiFiX® for soccer, and red for rugby.

Remarks from a Distributor
Aren't you able to manufacture a PLiFiX less solid? I have clients that still don't need replacements after 5 years!

Bob, grounds man from the Saint-Louis, Missouri region told us about the hurricane in December 2015
As you know, we have had flooding over here with levels over 35 feet (10 meters). When the water subsided, we thought that the markers that we had planted would need replacement. Heck, no…they were still there where we planted them!

A sports equipment manager:
PLiFiX? Yes, we put them on our lands. We measure and plant them at the beginning of the season, we check after the winter that they are not moved with the gel. No need to remeasure every year. When the grass is cut, it is traced. Save time for everyone.

A greenkeeper:
In addition to putting the PLiFiX on the repaired areas (G.U.R.), we use them to signal the different tees for children, women, men and seniors. For the sprinklers, we win one day because we had to "bomb" them before each mowing. Now we can mow safely because we planted a PLiFiX next to each sprinkler.

Cedric, municipal gardener:
I use the blue PLiFiX® to signal the integrated watering, it avoids breaking the heads during the unpacking.